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I may not know what will happen tomorrow, but I trust that your will shall be done.

Dear God, teach me to trust in your ways, and learn that everything that happens today has a reason.


I beg you to make me realize that everything is possible when I have you by my side.

Teach me to grow everyday in your words, that I may develop myself and live life based on them.

O God, please remove my doubts and my fears, and instead learn how to trust you completely.

Teach me to trust in you and your plans for me and my family.

I am afraid, but I know trusting you, o Lord, will give me the courage and strength to go on.

Lord, oftentimes I wish to be in control, but you make me realize that it’s better to trust in you.

Teach me to trust ourselves as well, that I may learn to accept my flaws and keep moving on.

Teach me to further establish my trust with you, that I may live my life knowing that you are always there.

Teach me to always remember that I have you to lean on when I have problems that I am not ready to share with others.

Grant me the grace, Lord, to trust in you with all my heart and to not lean on my own understanding and my own ways.

Create in me a heart that trusts your ways and your leadership, Father. I come to you knowing that you hear me and I have full confidence in you.

Your ways are perfect and your word is true. As I study your word, Lord, teach me to trust in you more and more.

Cultivate in me a perfect trust in your love. The Bible says that perfect love casts out fear. Teach me to lean on you every day.

I believe in your promises and I am confident in your love, Heavenly Father. Help me to trust you even when I don’t yet see immediate results.

Teach me to trust in your word, O God.

Help me trust in your teachings in the Bible.

Strengthen my faith, Lord God, and my trust — that you will fulfill your promises through Christ Jesus.

I need you, Lord. It’s only you I need. Strengthen my faith and trust in you and only you, O God.

As Jesus has trusted your will, Lord God, help me, too, to put all my trust in you.

Make me see that everything happens according to your plans; allow me to trust you.

Let me live based on your words; allow me to grow through them.

Let me accept the plans you have for me, and give me a trusting heart.

Help me accept everything about myself so I could believe in myself more.

Help me see that you’ll always be there for me; help me trust in you more.

Help me see you, even in the darkest times. Remind me that you are always there.

Teach me to trust in your ways, and learn that everything that happens today may have a reason.

May you always teach me your words, that I may live life based on them.

Dispel all the doubts in my heart, and teach me to trust in you and your plans for me.

I am inferior and you are great. I am putting my life in your hands, my Lord.

May you always answer my prayer when I need to lean on you for support and guidance.

May your will be done.