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I leave everything up to you, my Lord, and pray that all things turn out right.

Help me surrender things to you that I can no longer solve.

All my anxieties, struggles, and fears, I surrender unto you, my Lord, and have faith that everything turns out right.

Help me remember that I cannot solve everything, and that some matters must be left to you.

Everything I do, I rely upon you, my Lord.

Help me let go of people I’ve attached myself to.

Almighty Father, to you I surrender all my troubles, and trust that you won’t let me down.

Help me let go of the things I failed to do, for where they truly belong is in the past.

Things may seem hopeless but I know I just need to leave the problems up to you, my Lord, and everything will be all right.

Help me let go of the things that mattered before, but no longer natter in these present times.

Heavenly Father, I know that with you, all things are possible.

I want to let go of this situation, Lord, and not allow it to have any power in my life anymore. I pray for strength and the ability to get over this so that my mind and emotions will be free.

I surrender my will to you, Lord. I don’t want to do things my way. I ask that you help me release my current situation to you and trust in your holy ways.

Father, I release to you my brother. You alone can bring change into his life. I speak peace and joy over him and I trust that you will bring him to his destiny.

I surrender to you, Heavenly Father, and release all feelings of bitterness toward this person. I allow you to work in my heart to bring that freedom in my life.

This situation has caused me many sleepless nights, Lord, and I ask you now to help me surrender it to you. I pray that I will not worry or be anxious about it anymore and just trust you.

I surrender to you all my hurts, Lord God. Please heal my heart.

I surrender my thoughts to you, O God. Remove all my fears, all my worries.

I place all my trust in you, Lord God. I beseech you to take care of and keep safe all the people I love.

Help me let go of all the pain and anger I feel toward my enemies.

I trust in you, Lord, to provide for and oversee my family and loved ones at all times.

Grant me the courage to accept what I cannot change. That I may find reason for this situation.

If I ever cling on to people too much, allow me to let go of them, and help me stand on my own.

Help me understand that I cannot do everything; help me to release my grip on having control over things and people.

Allow me to understand that the things that were important to me before does not have to be important in the present.

prayers on surrendering

Allow me to surrender myself to you wholeheartedly, especially in the throes of death, for you alone know when I need to go.

Take the wheel and be the driver of my life.

I am letting go and letting you take control.

Help me learn to let go of people who have been dragging me down.

I have done my best, Lord; I leave the rest to you.

prayers on surrendering

I cannot do this on my own, Lord. Please lead me with your loving hands.

I surrender my life to you, O Lord.