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Self Worth Comes From Within - Tatiana Jerome
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Self Worth Comes From Within

Self Worth Comes From Within

5 Simple Tips To Building Lost Self-Esteem Due To An Unhealthy Relationship


“Self worth comes from within; you cannot give it to someone and you can’t expect others to give it to you.”

What to Do…

  1. Cry it out!

If you feel crying right now, cry. Cry all the negative feelings and thoughts you have one time, big time! Depriving yourself of what you really feel will only make things worse. Know, accept and feel it all. Express it and then move on.

  1. Restore yourself from the recycle bin.

This is a two way restoration; inside and out. Wipe your tears and fix yourself. Take a bath and do your makeup until you feel beautiful again. Relax and reflect within. It’s not yet too late! Your confidence was just suppressed within you, ready to be restored if you want to.

  1. Appraise yourself.

Someone once said, “If you put small value on yourself, rest assured the world will not raise your price”. It’s not them that make your worth, it’s YOU.

Believe in your strengths and work on with your weaknesses.

  1. Forgive yourself for your foolishness.

Harsh? Nah. Sometimes you have to hit yourself hard in order for you to learn, but worry no more! There are a lot of people hard-headed as you are! Stop blaming yourself. We all make foolish mistakes sometimes.

  1. Think positive.

Positive mind set attracts positive karma. You will just be surprised that everything will just fall into its right places. Believe…


Promises You Must Commit For Yourself…


  1. Love yourself at all times.

Loving yourself and who you are creates a satisfying feeling of contentment and self-appreciation.

  1. Be faithful to yourself at all times.

Do not let others’ opinions define who you are or what you are. Be you!

  1. Do not base your worth on what others say.

Even if others belittle you or look down on you, do not get affected. The important is what you think of yourself. Everything starts from within. Someday they will see your real worth.

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Start now—Daily Routines You Should Do To Rebuild Confidence And Never Give It Away


  1. Smile and be positive. Start your day with a smile. Attract positive vibes for positive thoughts to have a positive day.


  1. Be grateful. Be thankful for your life; it is one way of recognizing your worth.


  1. Visualize. Imagine you being confident and doing things with excellence. Then make them happen.


  1. Beautify yourself. Make it a daily routine to make yourself look good. Come on! Accept it! You feel confident when you’re feel beautiful. But do not forget a kind heart makes you beyond beautiful.


  1. Be ready. Always be ready for any unfortunate events. Life is not sunshine and rainbows every day. Sometimes a storm comes, hits you hard, and leaves you doubtful about yourself. But just brace yourself, stand up, and be strong.


  1. Do not dwell on negative feelings. Insecurity will be your downfall. Never compare yourself to others nor should you compare what you have achieved with what they have achieved. Everyone has their own pace in life.


  1. Be competitive. Compete with you.


  1. r old self. Do new things and conquer your fears. You’ll see, you will be the best that you could be.


  1. Reflect and refresh. At the end of the day, reflect on what you have encountered. Write at least 2 things that make you feel good about yourself because these helped you conquer the day.


  1. Before you go to sleep, remind yourself that you are perfectly imperfect but definitely UNIQUE!


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