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What Happened When She Started Overthinking

What Happened When She Started Overthinking

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Overthinking is an act that many people usually engage in. When you overthink situations, all your mental energies are geared towards a certain thing that you are focusing on and you withdraw yourself from the world for something that may not be worth engaging so much of your time with.

Based on “Women Who Think Too Much: How to Break Free of Overthinking and Reclaim your Life” (2003, Henry Holt and Company), statistics show that women are more likely to fall into overthinking because 57% of women are over thinkers. Men, of course, are of no exception because based on the study, 43% of men are over thinkers, as well.

Overthinking things especially the negative ones, like heartbreaks due to losing someone that you love, is a dangerous habit. This will prevent you from exploring and growing in life because people who overthink things diminish their capabilities and oftentimes are susceptible to alcoholism, drug addictions, and a lot more vices. The worst thing of all that can be caused by overthinking is to get depressed with life that could destroy your overall emotional health.

You need to stop overthinking right now before it leads you to more problems. Consider the following as effective ways for you to get out of that busy mind and live your life freely and to the fullest:

  • Practice meditation techniques – Every morning, allow yourself to have time to meditate and practice breathing techniques for relaxation before starting your day ahead. You may also engage in various exercises that can provide you meditations like yoga, tai chi, and a lot more.

  • Accept things – acceptance is the key to stop overthinking. Remind yourself that you cannot control everything. So, for you to live a life with a peaceful mind, you have to accept things the way they are and not try to change the way the world goes round.

  • Loosen up a bit – Accept different invitations of parties in order to experience new things and meet new people. This will help you divert your focus from your problems to the fun in life.

Everything in life must be taken seriously to ensure that you live a balanced life. If you want to live the best kind of life then take things lightly as much as possible and never waste too much energy for something that you cannot change. So, stop the habit of overthinking problems. Move on, let go, and embrace the changes that life may bring every now and then. After all, nothing is permanent in this life except for change. Keep in mind that life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.