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Father In Heaven,


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I humbly ask for your help in making my financial situation better so I can help the people around me.

Help me prosper in my respective careers and find ways to earn enough for the well-being of my family.

I thank thee for all the blessings, o Lord, and help me share your gifts to those in need.

Help me through sudden financial constraints, that I may find means to rise again.

Please guide me, o Lord, that I use your monetary gifts for the greater good.

Help me to let go and share the money I’ve earned with others, and not keep it to myself. Help me to trust and let go.

I pray for financial abundance — not just for my personal gain, but for those who rely on me.

Help me live in abundance for my family so that I can tend to my everyday needs.

I ask for your guidance in managing my finances, o Lord, and help me make the most of the blessings that you give.

Help me work hard and live an honest life in terms of money-related matters.

I ask thy blessing, o Lord, that you deliver me from my financial struggles. 

The Bible says that you, O Lord, delight in the prosperity of your servants. I believe and pray for prosperity and abundance in my life!

I ask you, Heavenly Father, for financial breakthroughs this year for me and my family. All my needs are met and I shall not lack for anything!

The earth is yours, Lord, and all its fullness! I pray for abundance to manifest in every area of my life especially in my finances!

You are the God of more than enough, O God. So I pray and believe that I have more than enough finances in my life for me, my husband, and my children!

Thank You, Lord, for financial healing upon my life. I pray that I will be debt-free and I will be financially free to give because I will be living in abundance!

Bless me financially, Lord, so I, too, can be a blessing to others.

Bless me abundantly, Lord, so I can support my dear family and loved ones.

I trust and surrender my financial needs to you, Lord, as you have said, “You are worth more than many sparrows.”

Help me tap into the well of richness, Lord, which you have lovingly prepared for me as you have promised.

God, you are My Provider. You know my needs, Lord. Bless me abundantly.

I thank you, for all the blessings you have given. That despite all the extra time at work and the fewer hours I spend at home, I have reaped the rewards of a well-deserved bonus.

I am taking my chance on this business, but I really don’t know how well this will go. Help me make the right decisions towards financial independence.

I owe large sums of money to people who trust me. I want to pay them back but am unable to right now. Bless them for their generosity and bless me to find the means to give back what I owe.

Help me prosper in our respective careers and find ways to earn enough for the well-being of our family.

Please be my rock through sudden financial constraints, that I may find means to rise again.

Give me the mercy I’ve shown to others, to those whom I’ve shared my excesses.

Please give me enough to keep my family, but not too much lest I forget to call upon your name.

Guide my hand in using the money I’ve earned into important things.

Lead me away from temptation, that I always be just and truthful in handling the money of others.