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My Loving God,


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I thank thee for giving me all my loved ones, o Lord, who serve as my source of inspiration and strength.

Help me learn to love others the way you love me.

I would like to thank you in advance, o Lord, for giving me someone to love and someone who loves me back.

Help me live in authentic love for others.

O God, make me realize that there’s nothing more marvelous than your eternal love.

Help me to bring love in every little or big thing that I do.

Heavenly Father, please give me the ability to accept and love myself completely.

Help me love and recognize the goodness in others.

Father in heaven, I thank thee for the love given by my family and friends.

Help me give love to people who need it the most.

God Almighty, I pray for someone who will accept me as I am, and will love me entirely.

Help me love and accept myself for who I truly am.

Your love never fails, Heavenly Father. I ask that you fill and surround my life with your love so that I may be able to give it to others, too.

Even when I don’t feel love from my family or other people, I can trust your love. I ask today that you embrace me with your love and your grace.

Help me to love other people, Lord, especially in situations when they are unlovable or unfriendly and when they speak bad about me.

Open my heart to receive your love, Heavenly Father, so that I can also receive love from other people who truly care.

Show me your love and teach me, Lord, to be patient and kind and to love other people just as you love them.

Lord God, you are Love. Grant me the gift of love.

Teach me, Lord Jesus, how to love. Your greatest commandment is to love and I seek your guidance in loving properly.

Help me, Lord, to accept love and to share love.

Grant me the gift of unconditional love, O God.

May I learn how to love, Lord God, even those who are difficult to love.

Surround me with your love, so I could share it wholeheartedly with others, too.

Give me the strength to love others with all of my heart.

Guide me in doing everything I do with love.

prayers on love

Help me see what’s good in others, and allow me to appreciate their love.

Allow me to help those in need by making them feel loved.

Allow me to accept myself, so I could fully love myself, too.

Bestow upon me the capacity to love others the way you love us.

May the people I love always feel that they are loved.

prayers on love

Always give me the opportunity to show kindness.

Lead me into the person whom will love me only second to you.

Give me the opportunity to love another man and to share my life with him.