How to install your eBook on an Amazon Kindle

  1. Connect your Kindle to your computer via a USB cable. After drivers are installed, you can see your Kindle device as a disk drive. (On a Windows-based computer, this will show up by clicking the “My Computer” icon. On a Mac-based computer, this will show up as an icon on the desktop.)
  2. Navigate to the “documents” folder on your Kindle device.
  3. Copy your downloaded eBook from its current location on your computer to this “documents” folder on your Kindle device.
  4. Safely eject the device. (On a Windows-based computer, click on the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon on the bottom-right of the toolbar. On a Mac-based computer, drag the Kindle icon to the trash can.)


The Simplest Way To Get It To Your Kindle Transferring Over USB

Transferring files to your Kindle doesn’t have to involve the cloud. After connecting your Kindle to your computer with its USB cable, you’ll find it available as its own drive letter in the Computer window.

Just drag and drop ebooks and other documents to the Kindle’s Documents folder. If your Kindle supports audio, you can also place music and audiobooks into the Music and Audible folders.


Doing This Same Process: Said In A Different Way

Amazon’s Send to Kindle for PC app is the quickest way to get ebooks and other documents onto your Kindle.

After you install it, you’ll find a “Send to Kindle” option in your right-click menu. You can quickly send documents to your Kindle without the hassle of emailing them or connecting cables.

Send to Kindle for PC also installs a virtual printer — select “Send to Kindle” while printing and your document will appear on your Kindle.

Email to

Before the PC app was released, the official way to send documents to your Kindle without connecting a cable was sending it to your email address.

Before you can send any documents, you’ll have to set up your personal email address as an allowed sender. First, open the Manage Your Kindle page on Amazon’s website and click the “Personal Document Settings” link under Your Kindle Account in the sidebar.

Click the “Add a New Approved Email Address” link and add your email addresses to the list. Only addresses on this list can send documents to your kindle.

Once it’s added, you can email documents to your Kindle at the address that appears on the page.