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How Having Self-Love Can Increase Your Confidence

How Having Self-Love Can Increase Your Confidence



Love. People say it is a connection of two hearts, accepting someone with all his imperfections and seeing perfection in that person. Given that definition, it can be quite hard to find love. Love and relationship experts say that in order to be happy in life, you need to find Mr. or Ms. Right who will truly love and accept you. But what they won’t tell you is that you do not really have to look for this person anymore. Why?

Because you have already found this person, and it is YOU.

Yes, you are the key to your everlasting happiness; you don’t need to look for another person to make you complete and be happy. Happiness and completeness should start within you in order for you to share these things when someone comes into your life.

The love of one’s own self is vital to every person. It is the number one way to boost your confidence in all aspects of your life, namely:

  • Physical

When you have self-love, taking care of yourself becomes a natural habit. You will eat the right kind of food for you to be healthy, dress properly to look good, and make sure you will get enough amount of sleep every night. You will then unsurprisingly feel good about yourself and start to feel confident about your looks.

  • Mental

Loving yourself means valuing what you have. So when you love yourself, you are eager to find ways for you to develop yourself more, like learning something new or improving a skill to take your potential to a higher level. The more you learn, the more you become mentally confident about yourself.

  • Emotional

Self-love is when you are contented and happy with everything about you and doubts in yourself have no place in your life. This self-love therefore helps you to be emotionally confident when dealing with the different challenges thrown to you by insecure people.

  • Spiritual

When you love yourself, you will do good things to yourself, the people around you, and society in general because you know you will benefit from such deeds. For example, you respect your body because it is a gift given to you by God, or you try to be honest as much as possible because by doing so, you will feel purity and peace within you. Loving yourself can increase your confidence in the spiritual aspect because you know you are worthy of God’s love.


  • Social

If you have self-love, you will allow yourself to celebrate and be happy from time to time and lead a well-balanced life, making you feel confident enough to socialize because you know you can do it. Meeting new people, even famous, powerful, and intimidating personalities will not faze you because you know your true value. Insecurities will not be able to hinder you to have fun in life.


Self-love is the number one key to confidence. After all, the quote, “Loving yourself is the greatest love of all” is indeed true. God has a great purpose for you, so give yourself the best love that you know to boost that confidence each day and uncover what God has in store for you.