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Forgiving & Forgiveness

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Forgiving at times is so hard to do, but with your help, God, I know I can do it.

Teach me to be forgiving and help those who have sinned against me to amend themselves.

I ask thee to remove all the troubles of my heart, Heavenly Father, and learn to forgive people who have upset me.

Lord, show me the freedom that forgiveness gives me. Free me from my own emotional prison.

Please give me the will to forgive, Heavenly Father, like how you’ve forgiven those who have done you wrong.

Show me that by forgiving, I will have the capacity to understand other people more.

Please make me realize that mistakes are a part of life, and that I should know how to forgive.

Teach me to forgive and let go, because this way I can become free from any heartache and grudges.

I ask for your forgiveness for all the things I did wrong.

Teach me how to forgive and not be too hard on myself, because it is in forgiving myself that I can also learn to forgive others.

I find it hard to forgive the people that did me wrong, Lord, but I pray for the grace to let go, forgive, and lift everything up to you.

Help me to live in forgiveness and love, Father God, and to surrender my situation into your hands so I will not be imprisoned in bitterness.

Forgive me, Lord, for holding a grudge against another person and grant me the ability to forgive and release that person to your love.

I ask for your loving mercy and forgiveness, Lord, as I have sinned against you. I tried to do things my own way and I ask you now to help me change.

Things in my life have been holding me back, Lord, and it is a deadly cycle. I pray for forgiveness and the power to break the strongholds in my life that keep me from your love.

Heal me, Lord. Forgive me. Cleanse me, and wash away my sins.

Heal my heart, Lord God, and grant me the gift of compassion so I may forgive others.

Grant me the gift of forgiveness, Lord, so I can truly learn how to love and let go of past hurts and grudges.

Help me become closer to you, Lord God, and grant me a forgiving heart.

Help me to forgive those who have done me wrong, just as you have also forgiven me.

Allow those who have sinned against me see the light, and give me the heart to forgive them.

Help me realize that freedom is attained when one forgives.

Allow me to understand people more by giving them the gift of forgiveness.

Help me let go of my grudges, and help me forgive people I refused to forgive for a long time.

Lessen my heartache by teaching me not just to forgive, but also to let go.

Allow me to forgive myself, because only then could I really learn to forgive others.

Forgive my sins, now that I’ve forgiven those who have sinned against me.

Banish the hate in my heart, so that I may learn to forgive and forget.

Have mercy on me, Lord, for I am human and weak.

Remember the mercy I have shown to others, when it is time for me to be in need of your mercy.

Teach me to forgive and let go, because this way I become free from any heartache or grudge.

Help me heal the wound in my heart, and to forgive them who have wronged me.