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When You Don’t Let Go

When You Don’t Let Go

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Letting go is never an easy thing to do. No one has ever mastered the secrets of achieving the perfect state of having moved on from losing someone who meant so much in your life. For even the smartest people on earth sometimes become dumb when it comes to love and are of no exception to fail in loving.

Letting go is definitely a process. The following are helpful ways for you to gradually pick up the pieces of your heart:

  • Clear things up – If it is possible, talk your heart out to that certain person who have caused you pain. You need this to avoid anything left hanging and to ensure that you have closure in your relationship.
  • Confide your problems – Find another person whom you can comfortably cry all the pain that you are feeling.
  • Give yourself a break – This will allow you to cool your mind and breathe fresh air.
  • Express yourself – When you are brokenhearted, there are words in your heart that cannot be expressed verbally, so better grab a paper and turn those thoughts into a drawing, a poem or a song. You will be shocked that after those negative energies are transformed into an art, you will feel a lot better.
  • Meditate – this will make you relax and helps you think clearly.
  • Allow time to heal – Give some time for you to recover from the feeling of tragedy due to losing someone.
  • Love again – Experts won’t tell you that the greatest key to fully move on is to find another person to love. But you must do this after taking some time by yourself. When you have finished mourning, never be afraid to allow another person to enter your life again, for only love can heal the pains of the heart.


Letting go is a critical stage that everyone ought to learn. People who don’t let go lose:


  • Freedom – Those who do not let go have caused their own self to be worse than prisoners, for their jail bars exist internally, withdrawing them from the outside world.
  • Health – continually mourning only invites sickness in life; it triggers heart ailments. Based on a 2008 study, at least 30.4 percent of women suffer from cardiovascular diseases.
  • Beauty – when you frown, you use a lot more muscles than smiling. So the more you don’t let go, the more you are inclined to age fast.
  • Love – refusing to let go means refusing to open your doors to other people who can offer you true love. Who knows? The right person is just around the corner and you will lose this opportunity if you don’t let go of the past.
  • Life – the greatest loss of not letting go is not having a wonderful life. Life is a precious gift from God that must not be taken for granted by anyone.


So, if you are still feeling down today about the loss of a relationship and have decided to hold on to that person, then you might want to rethink your decision.