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How Confidence Is Important In Any Relationship

How Confidence Is Important In Any Relationship



Human beings are social beings by nature. Today’s technologies have provided immense power to develop global socialization as the population all over the world rises. But the real big question is, “Is socializing nowadays still helping people or pushing them down instead?” The answer greatly depends on how one builds a “relationship.” Experts won’t tell you that amidst all the new diseases and viruses experienced by people today, one can still lengthen his or her life expectancy by just having healthy relationships. According to a review of 148 studies, people with strong social relationships are 50% less likely to die prematurely.

Everyone needs healthy relationships, then, to live longer. So how can one build a healthy relationship? It should start within you and the key to it is having CONFIDENCE. When one feels complete and confident enough about his or her own self, strong and healthy relationships will follow.

Confidence is in fact important to every kind of relationship you have, such as with:

  1. Your Family

When one is confident about his own self in the family that he belongs to, such person will be open emotionally to the other family members, like sharing problems going on in life to his or her parents or giving advice to siblings based on experiences. This will improve and develop more closeness within the family members, thus making the relationship and bond with each other even stronger.

  1. Your Significant Other

Confidence means you know your value and worth; you know that you are good enough for your partner and that you deserve him or her. One good example is that of a lady who is confident enough about herself, such that she will not be illogically jealous or suspicious of her boyfriend — she has confidence in herself that she is the right woman for him, and so she also trusts importance in the relationship.

  1. Your Friends

Confidence in one’s own self builds healthy friendships because you will not get easily insecure about whatever your friends may have achieved in their lives. When a friend of yours who recently bought a brand-new car brags to you, you will feel happy and proud for her and not strive hard to buy a better one out of insecurity. A confident person will never try to compete with and will never be envious of his or her friends in any way.

  1. Your Coworkers

If you are confident, you will not be bothered by office politics because you know that you are above that. Your confidence will emanate from within you and with that, you will gain the respect and admiration of your coworkers. Having self-confidence can also boost your career — people will see you as a leader and team player, and your chances of getting promoted will be higher.

  1. Networking Acquaintances

A confident businessman/woman is best portrayed by someone who does not copy ideas or strategies to steal a deal from other businessmen/woman. He/She will instead generate creatively his own techniques in an honest and determined way to close a deal. By treating your partners in business right, you develop trust and a good reputation with them; this will in return give you healthy and strong relationships in networking.

Moreover, if you have confidence, networking will come naturally to you. You won’t be fazed or be intimidated when meeting new people, and you will know how to behave properly in social situations.

Confidence, therefore, when used appropriately benefits you, as well as the relationships that you have. It allows us to have the best life that you have ever dreamt of, so keep boosting your confidence and turn the quote, “Live life to the fullest” into reality.