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Confidence & Body Language: Women Can Have It All

Confidence & Body Language: Women Can Have It All

Yes, Women can Have it All

Many people don’t believe that women can have it all. Life-and-work balance seems impossible to mothers who are raising children. Sadly, even single career women feel that it’s impossible to pursue their passion while tackling the challenges of the corporate world. It’s about time to debunk all the myths surrounding women’s capabilities. Whatever people say, there is so much you can do and acquire in your life.

Change your Perspective

The first thing that you need to do is to change the way you think about your skills and abilities. Break the cycle of pessimism. Stop thinking about how people see you. If you hear others talk negatively about you, determine whether it’s true or not. If it’s true, consider improving your behavior. If it’s not true, just ignore what they say.

Focus on how you feel about what you do. Does it make you happy? Does it fulfill your desires? Stop doing something that doesn’t add happiness in your life. It may only rob you of time you could have spent in achieving your greatest dreams, therefore, women can have it all if they do things that make them feel good. If you feel good in doing something, you can do more and have it all.

Influence of Body Language

Many people don’t believe that women can have it all, but they can actually have it all if they are aware of how body language can influence their interactions with others. A famous adage says, “First impression lasts.” If you are meeting someone for the first time, you are likely to consider his or her personality by observing his or her body language. You may warm up easily at the company of a person who smiles a lot than the person who doesn’t. At the end of the first meeting, you will decide whether the person will be your friend or not base on his or her body language.

In Tracy Mcmillan’s TED talk, she said, “You must fake it ‘til you make it.” According to social psychologists, body language is often what a person observes from the other person, but hardly something that he observes in himself. You can only notice other people’s body language but not your own.

While waiting in line for a job interview, you will notice the candidates sitting with different facial expressions and body postures. Some are slouching while the others are checking their phones continuously. In a study conducted by social psychologists, they found that candidates who stand or sit confidently have the higher chance of getting the job than those who slouch on their seat.

How does body language influence your presence? According to that study, those who project themselves confidently were hired because their presence alone resonates a personality, which is captivating, enthusiastic, confident, authentic and passionate.

Your body can change the way you think. The way you think can change your behavior and your behavior can change your results. So, yes, you can really “fake it ‘till you make it”. If you change your body language, you can achieve more in life.

Daily Body Language

What you need to do is observe the confident people you know. Look at how they walk around the room. Try to imitate them until it becomes natural to you. If you make yourself look confident, you will eventually feel confidence from within. After a while, it will come out naturally.

Stop telling yourself that you can’t do it. All women can have it all and do it all if they know how to change their perspective and body language.