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About Tatiana

About Tatiana

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“It’s all really just straight talk. I talk to you as a dear friend and won’t sugarcoat the truth.” – Tatiana Jerome

Her almond shaped big brown eyes lite up at the question “who are you?,” and Tatiana confidently answers “I am a child of the Most High. That’s really what you need to know.” What comes out of her mouth may seem standoffish to most, but not to those who know her. The true answer to the simple question was in her voice, her grace, her pose and most importantly her strong unshakable presence. This 5’3 beauty quickly turns to sip on her 1993 La Marca Pinot Grigio, then she straightens her high-waisted leather black pencil knee high skirt and crosses her right leg over the left to relax her feet which are adorned in a pair of 4 inch black stilettos. You take one look at her and you quickly say to yourself……….she sees right through me.


This woman is an entrepreneur, lifestyle consultant, a speaker of resuscitation (in her words…giving life back to where the heart is) but most importantly as she states “a visionary that stops at nothing to make dreams come true.” She is the embodiment of the ultimate woman. While she speaks of her successes, she is sure to tell you about the years of sacrifices made, failures faced, the number of rejections she’s encountered, the miracle of God’s many interventions in her life and lack of support she had. “It doesn’t come easy and it won’t come without tears.” – Tatiana Jerome


She is a woman of empowerment and has been working with clients for over 7 years in personal expansion. From her PeerRush company for lifestyle development to most recently Tatiana Media LLC and her clothing line …Ms. Jerome has launched an incentive to help woman¬†gain more confidence, get love, and master money with a primary focus on self realization.


“The journey to “being” is just getting started, and it feels good when you decide that you will just let go and be.”


From a young age, Tatiana knew she was going to be “somebody.”

Father God use me for your will as a positive vessel to help motivate and inspire others to seeing that with you anything is possible.


That prayer she says is one of the many that is currently being answered. She is a strong believer in the trinity. “I’m not the typical church girl. I’m not wearing a skirt to the knees and sin free. I make mistakes, but I find God in all of them. He never lets go of my hand and that is why my mouth will always praise him.” She takes another sip of her wine, stands up to look directly into a full length mirror then extends both arms out to give a hug.


As the discussion comes to an end she says:


“You must be able to love yourself to make better decisions for you. You must understand that God loves you, placed you here for a reason and sent his son to rescue you. Just knowing that, you should know that you NOW have everything you need to just “BE” as well as have the ability to have whatever it is you ask for. I work with women who want this, who understand this and who believe in this one principle. We all get to create a legacy and I’m here to help women to do this in style.”

Random Questions Answers

Introvert or Extrovert?


Pink or Black?


Black or Gold?


Road Rage?

Sometimes. Not that bad.

Clean Language?

(she laughs) For the most part. Wink!!

Early Riser Or Night Rider?

Night Rider.

Are You An Only Child?


Are You The Oldest?


What Types Of Music Are You Into?

R&B, Hip Hop, Classical – Love the Orchestra, & Jazz

If You Only Had $5 And Someone Who Needed Money Asked You For It, What Would You Do?

Give them my $5.
Why? Because I know how to make $5 again. I’m always provided for.

What Drives You?

My love for creativity & freedom of expression. The ability to watch someone flourish in what once seemed impossible to them and others.

Food Items Can't You Live Without?

Mango, Avocado, Plantain, Fish, Pineapple, Tomatoes, French Fries…oh and let me add M&Ms.

If You Tried To Fail And Then Succeeded, Which Have You Done?

I have failed successfully.

What Was Your First Thought When You Woke Up This Morning?

Thank You God.