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"Learn To Let Go, Love, Be At Peace And Confidently Go After Your Goals With Me."
~ Tatiana Jerome

In  the process of building a legacy and becoming who God wants you to be you need Confidence. Confidence helps you to make the right decisions. Confidence is what gets you to believe in the beauty of your dreams. With confidence you can overcome insecurities and doubt. It’s with confidence you move forward, grow from your nos and introduce all the right yeses. Confidence is inward and outward. With me, you will grow stronger in your acceptance of being and shake things like fear and lack out of your way. Let’s do it together. Grow with me. – Tatiana Jerome

I believe in oneness with God. I am a strong advocator in the living word of God and know that oneness with the creator is the treasure to all the valuable virtues needed to live in ways that many don’t. It’s with God that suffering is removed and gratefulness is present. The trinity is the core truth in knowing and unlocking what is pure and organically made for you. A truly honorable legacy is built with God’s word. The process of becoming and actually “being,” is with growth in the spirit. It is in the name of Jesus that we can move forward in love, family, inner growth, giving, humanity, success, money and more…I speak about God again and again!!!    – Tatiana Jerome


LOVE isn’t a one-way street, it’s something you GIVE and RECEIVE. You don’t need to walk someone down the isle to understand the importance of adding LOVE in your life. The truth is… improving all relationships starts with self-love. What you tolerate, accept, don’t accept, stand for and work towards. It’s with love you learn to let go of the thoughts and feelings of REJECTION, FEAR, PAIN and ANGER. You can easily attract love into your life because of the healthy value you give to having love towards yourself. I’m here to create that momentum in your life of getting into a better place and truly getting out of your own way. Legacy building is done by being able to transcend into the different levels of love. When you invite me into your life expect everything to be done out of love.  – Tatiana Jerome

In times when it seems that your financial situation has remained the same or have gotten worse and you become in need, you can become desperate. You may feel that money has handicapped you from doing what you believe you SHOULD be doing. So it’s time for you to demand your financial breakthrough. Your goals need you, your family needs you, you need you and the money is truly looking to be placed in your hands. The problem is you are not the Master of money and the money knows that. All those who have created legacy you admire, have learned to become a Master at something. If part of your legacy includes becoming a Master over money, then the time to move is now. With me, you’ll learn how to get organized, become a Master to money, and continuously have it whenever you ask for it. Money doesn’t serve the worried. It serves those who expect it to come. – Tatiana Jerome

Success is waking up to do what you are meant to be doing and loving it. Success is not having the desire to trade your life and blessings for anyone elses. Success is having the ability to get up the seventh time after you have fallen six times. Every day can be successful if you allow it. What you do for yourself benefits those around you. Success doesn’t follow crowds, accept rejection, believe in “impossible,” or worry about the thoughts of others. When you are building a legacy and “being” who you are meant to be , your personal successes will be your most inspirational and eureka stories to others. Success may look and feel different once you get to your desired destination, but it is worth ALL the work you put in. I live for eureka moments. – Tatiana Jerome

Desires unfullfilled can turn you against yourself. You become hard on yourself and through time have an undesirable attitude and be filled with judgement. Your desires (whether born unto us and/or picked up along the way) is an ingredient to manifesting elements in your life to ascend you into your personal steps of elevation. For when you choose liberation – you are accepting who you are, freeing yourself from the status quo and society’s blueprint and truly understanding your desires. You begin to eliminate obstacles and pressures you place upon yourself. Liberate and desire with me. – Tatiana Jerome

The person you want to become in five years is based on what you do NOW. The habits need to be cultivated NOW. The mind needs to get healthy NOW. Your future lifestyle is one where your dreams become reality and your spiritual breakthroughs are now physical manifestations. A lifestyle filled with purpose and passion IS POSSIBLE. With GOD, you can have it ALL. Your new lifestyle is asking you for changes NOW. You will have to grow through pain, you will have to practice patience and you will have to understand timing. Your new lifestyle WILL NOT come from your comfort zone and half-assed commitments. This is your chance to truly say YES to what you’ve been praying for. – Tatiana Jerome

Identifying your signature style is what is needed to build the legacy you wish to have. A signature style is not just about how you dress (which is important), but it’s in your attitude, your aura, your actions based on your intentions and your thoughts. Your signature style is your blueprint to how you operate at best and in essence the language your life speaks. With a little bit of help, you can discover and embrace your personal blueprint to life that will propel you into areas you may have once avoided. Look good, feel good, and live great based on the way YOU envision life. – Tatiana Jerome