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O' Lord,


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I humbly ask for wisdom to guide me in making the right choices.

Give me the wisdom to discern my choices carefully, and know which one is the best thing to do at any particular moment.

During those moments of darkness and confusion, I ask for wisdom from you, o Lord.

Help me develop myself and how I go on with decision-making process. Let it be your will and not my own.

I humbly ask Thee for wisdom, that I may be able to discern which is right from wrong.

Help me make the best decisions at any point of my life, that it may lead to something good.

I may not know everything, heavenly Father, but I know you’re there to guide me every step of the way.

Help me in every situation I encounter, so that I may handle it the best way possible.

Grant me wisdom and help clear my mind as I search for solutions for difficult situations.

Help me recognize the different things that affect my decisions, so that I may make good decisions in the end.

Wisdom Prayers

There are things I do not know, and I trust thee to give me wisdom to defy temptations that arise.

Help me learn to decide what’s good not only for myself, but for others as well.

Let your wisdom guide me where you have me to go.

Give me the wisdom to see your truth.

May I embrace your wisdom. Amen.

Wisdom Prayers

I pray for the wisdom to know that it is you I need and nothing else. You alone suffice.

I ask for wisdom, Father, because the Bible says, if anybody needs wisdom he should ask God Who gives it liberally. Fill my mind and heart with wisdom from above!

Your wisdom will lead me to make right choices, my Lord, so I pray that you cause wisdom to abound in my life and for my decisions to be flooded with Your truth, Your light, and Your justice.

Instruct my heart, O God, by the wisdom and light of your Spirit so that I may be wise and enlightened enough to make better choices in my life.

I open my ears and my heart to your wisdom and your counsel, Lord, that I may know what to do about my current situation.

I do not understand everything about my current situation, Lord, but you do — so I pray for your wisdom to fill me that I may recognize your purpose and do what is right.

Allow me to see what’s good, and allow me to impart that to others.

Grant me, Lord, the wisdom to know the things I must change, and those I must accept.

Teach me wisdom and understanding, O Lord, in dealing with difficult people.

I am praying, Lord, for the wisdom to remain humble.

I pray to you for wisdom to value love — for you and for others — above all things.

May you always give me wisdom, unfit as I may be.

Grant me the wisdom to weigh my choices well. That I may not be blinded by temporary solutions that may lead to bigger problems in the future.

Guide me in making the most productive decisions for my life.

I pray for guidance. That I may know if I am making the right move by taking this new job in a place that I have never been to before.

Help me weigh my choices, so I could make the best decisions.

Please let your wisdom shine upon me, so I could better discern my decisions carefully.

May you always find me humbled before you, and that your wisdom will always and forevermore be superior to mine.

Please give me a sign upon which of these choices to make.

Teach me to be a wise friend, leader, parent, child, and co-worker.

Lead me in making my decisions, so that it’s not my will to be done, but yours.