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Almighty Father,


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Let me live according to your will, o Lord, and guide me that I may avoid thoughts that won’t please you.

Free me from all the thoughts that bind me from having a positive life, that I may break free and live a fulfilling life.

I ask thee to help me look at the brighter side of life and see every cloud’s silver lining.

Free me from the darkest of my thoughts, that I may learn to view things in a different light.

Please clear my mind of unhappy thoughts, Heavenly Father.

Free me from excessive pride, my thoughts that bring people down, because by humbling myself I am living the life you want me to live.

Please help me resist temptation and to keep having thoughts that make you happy.

Free me from aggressive thoughts, that I may express peace and understanding towards myself and others.

The world around me is chaotic, but with You, Almighty Father, I know my thoughts will remain peaceful.

Free me from ignorance.

Please clear my mind of all impure thoughts, and guide me into thinking what is right.

Free me from any unnecessary thoughts so I can focus on the things that currently matter.

Father, cleanse my mind of all negativity by the power of your Holy Spirit. Break this cycle in my life, Lord, so that I may see that life is good and I will be strong and have a positive outlook.

I fix my eyes on your great mercy and your compassion over me, Lord, and I believe that this will remove all the negative thinking that is in my life.

Help me accept things as they are, Father God, so that I will not be anxious or worried. Teach me how to think and live as I trust in you.

Rid me of thoughts that bring people down.

Shield my mind from aggressive thoughts, that I may spread peace and understanding among the people around me.

Free me from ignorance, because in the world today I need to be steadfast.

Cleanse my mind of worldly things, so that I may focus my life in living as how you intend me to.

prayers on thoughts

Allow me to promote understanding and peace, and rid me of negative thoughts.

Let me understand that ignorance isn’t bliss; allow me to be wise and steadfast.

Help me see the good in life, and prevent me from thinking negative thoughts.

Forgive me for my impure thoughts.

Turn me away from the darkest thoughts, that I may learn to view things in a different light.

You said to your apostles, “I give you peace, my peace I give you.” Grant me peace, Lord Jesus.

I pray to you, Lord, to let goodness reign in my heart and good thoughts in my mind.

Help me see my true calling. That I may discard the thoughts of taking my life because of all the failures I have done.

May I learn to control my temper to avoid hurting others in what I may say or do that I could never take back.

With everything that happened in my life, I have become so bitter. I pray to learn to be free of this and live life with happiness in my heart.

I ask you, Heavenly Father, to put my thought processes in order so that faith, hope, and love will be in my main thoughts.

Help me, Lord, to think of and meditate on things that are pure, noble, true, and praiseworthy. Change my way of thinking, Father, as you mold my life into your ways.

Heal my thoughts, O Lord. Purify them, Lord Jesus.

Grant me peace of mind, so I may do your will, O God.

Free my mind of evil thoughts, O Lord. Cleanse me of negative and impure thoughts.