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Sovereign Lord,

The Past

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Please help me let go of things that no longer do me any good.

Help me resolve any past issues I may have with my friends, family and loved ones.

With you Lord, I can do anything. With you, there are no hard habits to break.

Help me break free from whatever negative memories that bind me.

I was once hurt, Almighty Father, but with your grace I know soon I’ll be better.

Show me how to avoid bad habits, that I may start changing them.

Almighty Father, I believe you understand how much I’ve suffered, and I ask for your healing hands to help me move on from the past.

Help me deal with any grudges I may have developed along the way.

O God, I humbly ask for your strength and enlightenment so I will be able to let go of things no longer important.

Help me accept any past mistakes I may have and continue to live on joyously. 

O God, help me realize that there’s always something good in every “good-bye.”

Help me look at the past positively, and to learn many lessons from it.

Help me, Lord, to turn my back to the past and not allow it to haunt me anymore. Remind me constantly that I am a new creation and I will grow in your love.

I pray that you help me forget the bad things that happened to me in the past and never to go back to those vicious thoughts. Renew my mind, Lord.

Help me, Heavenly Father, to recognize and resolve past issues that affect my life. By the power of your Holy Spirit, I will overcome.

I ask for your grace, Lord, to conquer bad habits that destroy my life. Change my heart, my thoughts and my ways and conform me to your will.

Help me to forget past feelings that continue to hurt me and hold me back. I pray that your power will manifest in my life and I will be filled with joy and move on.

Heal my mind of my past hurts, O God.

Remove from my mind bad memories, O God, and help me replace them with good ones.

Change me, Lord. Renew my heart. Renew my life.

I hope and trust in you, Lord. I place my past, my present, and my future in your care.

Grant me the strength and courage to live a better life every day, Lord God.

Allow me to finally resolve past issues with the people in my life.

Whatever negative thoughts are plaguing me, help me get past them so I could be free.

Guide me in changing the negative habits that I have.

prayers on the past

If I ever encounter and hold grudges, help me break through them.

Let me see the past as a lesson to be learned, and not something that would hinder my growth.

Grant me the courage to move on from traumatic relationships. That I may find it in my heart to be strong and open myself to new chances.

May the past issues I have with my loved ones be forever buried.

Help me forget all the bad memories that still plague my thoughts.

prayers on the past

Touch the heart of the people I’ve wronged in the past, that they may learn to forgive me of the things I’d done.

Let not hate take hold and grow in my heart, so that I can finally free myself from the past.

Help me look at the past positively, and to learn many lessons from it.