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Heavenly Father, I ask for your healing touch to comfort me through the pain and suffering.

Help me to maintain a spiritual life by applying the goodness that you teach me every day.

Lord, right now, I may not feel well but I know I’ll get better with your grace.

Help protect my emotions, for they are essential in everything that I do.

Bless me, o Lord, and heal all the troubles of my mind, spirit, and body.

Help me in my overall health, that I may continue to live life strong in various aspects.

God Almighty, I don’t feel comfortable and I feel sick, but with your hands, I know I’ll be just fine.

Almighty Father, please use your healing hands to cure me and make me feel better.

O God, please reach out to those who suffer deep inside because of an ill family member.

I pray for physical healing in my body right now as I declare your word that says, “By the stripes of Jesus I am healed.”

I ask for mental healing, Lord, in areas in my mind that suffer from attacks of depression and anxiety. Thank you because your peace that surpasses all understanding will fill me.

Take away the hurt in my heart, Lord. I pray for emotional healing to come upon me now and in the following days to strengthen me and make my heart whole again.

You are the God who heals and nothing is impossible with you — I pray for spiritual healing upon my illness and I know that I am strong and healthy as your power infuses me, body and soul.

I come before you, Father, as I need your healing hand. Touch my body and my heart and give me physical and emotional healing and wholeness today.

Grant me good health, O Lord, so I may do your will here on earth.

Bless me with good health and a sound mind, so I may continue serving others.

I ask of your healing and mercy, Lord God. Heal me spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Grant me good health and a long life, Lord, so I may continue praising you, glorifying your name.

Grant me healing, Lord, so I may heal others as well through your holy word.

Allow me to apply your goodness in my life, and lead me to lead a spiritual life.

Help me take care of my emotions; allow me to realize their importance.

Help me take care of my brain; guide me in doing things that will help me grow, and cultivate my mind.

Guide me in taking care of my body, through proper diet and exercise.

Surround me with your love, so all aspects of my health would be on the right track.

Take away all my troubles, so that my mind may be free from anxieties.

Prayers On Health

Heal my sickness, O Lord, for you are the great healer.

Soothe my aching heart, and drive away the sadness of my days.

Guide the hands of the doctors who will be performing my surgery.

May you keep me away from lingering illnesses.