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Abba, Father,


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You are most powerful, o Lord, and I give you my love.

Dear God, teach me to give love to others regardless of what they have done to me.

Heavenly Father, I’m forever grateful for the love you give, and for all the blessings you share.

Teach me to live in gratitude, just like the teachers, that have implanted various lessons to within me.

All praises for you, Almighty Father, you gave me your begotten son to save me from all sins.

Teach me to give what I have in excess.

Everything around me is because of you, God Almighty, and I thank you for these wonderful gifts you sent me.

Teach me to generously donate in good and bad times.

Father, I pray that you show me the way so I can lead more people to your love.

Teach me to give love anytime of the year, regardless of the occasion.

I give thanks to thee, o Lord, for everything that I have.

Teach me to give everything I’ve got in everything that I do.

I pray for the grace to be a cheerful giver, Heavenly Father. I desire to be able to give and share the abundance that I enjoy in my life because of your love.

Thank You, Lord, for giving me the ability to give my time and my talents to bless other people and make a difference in their lives.

Instill in my heart, O God, the generosity to give to all who are in need with both material and non-material things and to not expect anything in return.

Help me to appreciate and be thankful for all the blessings I have received, Father, and to have the joy to share the blessings with others.

Teach my heart to give, Lord and renew my mind so that I will not be stingy. Allow me to see through your eyes so that I will see the value of giving.

Grant me a generous heart, Lord, so I may bless others, too.

Help me share my blessings, Lord, to those who need them the most.

Teach me how to be give generously, Lord, so I may inspire others to do same.

May I share to others your gifts of abundance and love, Lord God, so I may praise you.

May I strengthen the bond of being one with others under your Love, O God, by learning how to share for your greater glory and honor.

Help me share my heart to those who deserve it the most.

Let me cultivate a life of gratitude, especially to those who have bestowed valuable lessons upon me.

Whatever I have in excess, allow me to share it to those who need it.

prayers of giving

Guide me in helping others out during times of need and tragedies.

Let me surround others with love all year round, no matter what happens.

Allow me to give everything my best shot, because only then would they matter.

Give me opportunities to bestow things that I have to others who need them.

Thank you for giving me a loving heart to share with my other half.

prayers of giving

May I always have more than enough to be able to give to those in need.

Please accept my acts of charity as a way of worshiping you, O Lord.

Help me grow up as a child who can give love and care to my parents in their old age.

May you always supply me with the bounty and will to share my blessings to others.