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O God, I thank Thee for my friends, as they’ve become one of my greatest blessings on earth.

Dear God, bless my friends that they may continue to live an inspired life, and keep following their dreams in life.

Almighty Father, please watch over my friends; keep them safe from harm at all times.

Help me make new friends everywhere I go.

Friendships destroyed are painful to the heart; please help my heart heal, heavenly Father, and keep me from further sorrow.

Help me develop friendships regardless of race, religion or any other social status that tend to isolate people, because in that way I am truly able to build long and lasting friendships.

Lord, for my friends I’m forever grateful. Please bless them and grant their wishes.

Help me develop genuine friendships that will definitely last a lifetime.

I ask thee, God, for friendships that last forever; make me a vessel of your love who spreads your loving words.

Lord, please bless my friends and keep us from doing things that offend you.

Thank You for my friends, Heavenly Father, for these people who support and encourage me. I pray that you bless them with peace and prosperity all the days of their lives.

Thank You for giving me friends who refresh my life and strengthen me, Lord, in my Christian walk. Thank You for divine appointments and divine connections that you orchestrate in my life.

Protect my friends, O Lord, in every area of their lives. I pray that the enemy cannot steal anything from them and that they are blessed abundantly!

I pray for true friendships: people who walk with integrity, wisdom, and love; people who honor and love you truly — bring them into my life, Lord.

Father, thank you for such wonderful, loyal friends. I pray that you fill them with wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of your will and that you make their way prosperous!

Bless me and my family, Lord, and my friends, too. We are but one family under your love and care.

Grant me true friends, Lord God, and the blessing and happiness from true friendships.

Show me whom to trust, Lord God. Help me find good friends who will support and stay with me through thick and thin.

Help me become a good friend to others as well, Lord, so I may share your love.

Let goodness and friendship prevail in me, O God. Make me a blessing to others.

Allow me and my friends to achieve our dreams, so we all could live a life of inspiration.

Help me see the good in people, and make more friends.

Mend my heart so I could seek and restore long-lost friendships.

Allow me to appreciate the ones I have now, because they are the ones who matter, and will matter, even in the long run.

Allow me to see through religion, race, or social status, and make friends with anyone around me.

Help me maintain friendships, so I’d have friends who’ll last a lifetime.